Godrej Washing Machine Repair Service in Bangalore

The Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, managed and largely owned by the Godrej family. Godrej makes two types of washing machine – Automatic Washing Machine and Semi-Automatic Washing Machine.

Godrej has implemented many features to washing machine to reduce the time and energy of user. As the feature increases the problem also rises. Let’s have look onto the main features of Godrej washing machine and problem rectified by repair service man in Bangalore.

Godrej Washing Machine Features and Problems Rectified by Us

Auto Balance System

Godrej washing machine stops the washing machine functioning, if it senses any imbalance in the wash load. It then automatically stabilizes the load evenly across the drum and resumes washing. The Auto Balance system prevents the wear and tear of your clothes and keeps clothes fresh as it is new.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified by us are:

  • Auto Balance system not working properly because of rough use by user.
  • Wear and tear of clothes after washing clothes, this problem occurs when auto balance system not working properly.
  • Overflow of water into washing machine because of control panel issues in auto balance system.

U-Sonic stain remover

The new Godrej washing machine comes with a unique Ultrasonic stain remover that uses a mixture of Ultrasonic waves and detergent to break the stains on any cloth surface to get rid of them as quickly as they came to be in the first place.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified by us are:

  • Stain Remover could not remove stain as it is mentioned in Godrej manual.

In-built Water heater

Godrej Washing Machine comes with water heater which can heat the water up to 55 degrees which helps in disinfecting the clothes and faster action of the detergent.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified by us are:

  • Overheating the water and it leads to damage in clothes. It can happen when heater have some voltage problems, wiring problems, and heater coil problems.
  • Water heater not working – this can happen when there is problem in wiring, power fluctuation caused short circuit inside water heater, Heater coil got rusted and rough usage of washing machine by user.

Aqua Jet Pulsator

Godrej Aqua Jet Pulsator has a well-crafted and design is superior. Jet pulsator also does part job of U-sonic stain remover by its forceful nature ensures that all the dirt and tough stains are removed. The Pulsator has a 360 degree motion and a 180 degree anti-clockwise motion which helps detangle and scrub your clothes.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified by us are:

  • Jet Pulsator not working properly – reasons are motor problem, power fluctuation, wiring issues and motionsense problems.
  • Tough stains are not removed – reasons are motion problem that is 360 degree and 180 degree motion are working properly because fault in Jet pulsator, jet force motion not working because failure in motor, wiring issues and voltage issues.

Cloth load indicator

Godrej Washing machine comes with a cloth load sound indicator which indicates the weight of the dry load of cloths on the digital control panel, enabling the user to be aware of the correct load that should be loaded in the machine.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified and repaired by us are:

  • Load indicator not working – Reasons are washing machine couldn’t able to detect the load in drum because failure in drum sensors, Wiring issues, control panel not receiving signal from motion sensors and failure in load indicator.
  • Sound or Light not working for Load indicator – This problem happens when there is wiring issues with control panel, dust in sound speaker, water inside speaker or light caused damage, and rust in speaker.

Digital Control Panel

Godrej advanced technology in washing machine is Digital Control panel. The ergonomically designed inclined digital control panel comes with the largest LED screen, which lets you view the wash status and the easy-to-use controls that let you exercise through the controls seamlessly.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified and repaired by us are:

  • Control panel not working properly because of short circuit in control panel, dust and rust creating smooth flow of control panel, power fluctuation, Wiring issues, rough use of user and control panel got hit while moving or adults/children’s hit with hard objects etc...
  • LED Light not working is another problem normally happens when there is wiring problem inside control panel, power fluctuation and damage in LED light.

Cascade Waterfall Effect

The new Godrej Washing Machine comes with a unique washing action called the Cascade Effect. This acts like a waterfall which flows from both sides of the drum. The dirty water flows out as fresh water gushes into machine.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified and repaired by us are:

  • Water flow is not properly working – This can happen when there is slow water flow from outside pipe, dust or algae in valve of washing machine, no proper outlet to pass dirty water, and power fluctuation.

Dry Tap Protection

Godrej washing machine has a feature that leads the machine to hibernate, if the water flow ceases during the filling or washing process. If the water level fails to rise for 15 minutes, the machine warns you with the help of flickering LEDs and sound. You may then choose to manually fill water in the drum. The Dry Tap Protection feature also prevents the water inlet valve from burning out for user safety.

Godrej Washing Machine Problems rectified and repaired by us are:

  • Dry tap protection not working – it can happen when there is slow water flow from outside pipe, No water to wash clothes, dust or algae in valve of washing machine, and power fluctuation.
  • No warning by LED light or sound- normally this happens because of wiring problem, damage in control panel, dust or rust inside the control panel, moisture in speaker and light, expired LED light and speaker fault.

Feeling scared to buy Godrej washing machine, don’t worry every washing machine has similar sort of problems but what it matters is, who will repair your washing machine so that it will continue its washing service. You should contact certified, professional and experienced repair technician for washing machine service and luckily you are at the right place. Contact us and we will take care of your Godrej washing machine repair service in Bangalore.

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