Panasonic Washing Machine Repair Service in Bangalore

Panasonic Corporation formerly known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1918 and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers alongside Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba and Canon Inc.

Panasonic have 3 types of washing machine in market, they are fully-automatic top load, fully automatic front load and Semi- automatic washing machine. Panasonic washing machine have features like Aqua Beat wash, 3D sensor wash, Wide drum inlet, Auto restart when power goes and comes back, Voltage control, 15 min quick wash, Hydro active technology, auto- load sensor and Foam sensor. As the features increases in a washing machine, troubleshooting and repair problems also increase with it.

Panasonic Washing Machine Troubleshooting & Repairs

Panasonic washing machine are basically have big tub that repeatedly fills with water to wash clothes and then drains after washing, spins to wring clothes dry, and an agitator in the middle of a top-load machine or a rolling drum in a front-loading machine. There are a number of washing machine problems that you can fix quite simply, however it is better to leave some problems in the hands of an appliance repair person. Before start repairing washing machine, be sure to unplug it for safety purpose.

How to Fix Washing Machine Shakes

Our certified Panasonic washing machine technician says: - First check the leveling feet. Look under the washing machine and make sure all feet are resting firmly on the floor. If one or both of the front feet are not tight against the floor, turn counterclockwise until they’re tight. Second make sure the front legs have rubber caps and locking nuts to keep them tight. If they don’t, buy these parts and install them. You can buy anti-vibration pads to put under the feet, these help a lot. Third tilt the washing machine forward. This will allow the back feet to self-adjust. Recheck for level, and adjust the front feet again. These are the solution to fi washing machine shakes.

How to Fix If Clothes Don’t Spin Dry

Our experienced Panasonic technician says there are mainly 5 reasons this happens

  1.  If the tub is not spinning, you may have a damaged motor coupler.
  2. Check load balance in your washing machine and adjust accordingly.
  3. If you are certain the load is balanced but your clothes still come out dripping, you may need to have a damaged motor pulley, tub bearing, belt, or clutch replaced. Call a Panasonic appliance repair person to replace this part.
  4. The water outlet is broken or clogged with some dust and cloth material.
  5. Clothes got stuck in drum which stops the functioning of spinning motor. Call an appliance repair person to replace these parts or to resolve all these issues.

How to Fix If Washing Machine Doesn’t Run

Our Panasonic washing machine repair- men have some tips to troubleshoot the problem. Firstly make sure the machine is plugged in and Check the power cord is working properly or not. Second check the circuit breaker or the fuse that serves power to washing machine. Third find out any wiring issues in power cable by plugging into another power cord and test power cord is working using a tester. If the washing machine still doesn’t work, the controls panel may be faulty. Call us for Panasonic washing machine repair service in Bangalore.

How to Fix Washing Machine Doesn’t Rinse Correctly

First of all, make sure you’re using the washing machine properly—putting the right amount of soap in the load, not overloading the machine with clothes, and check whether rinse water is not getting into the drum or is not draining out properly. Secondly make sure the water supply valves that serve the supply hoses are open and there is no blockage in water flow. Third check your power cables and power cord are working perfect or not. If the machine still doesn’t work, call Panasonic technician to repair your washing machine.

How to Fix Washing Machine Leaks

These problems can be easily repaired by you and it is easy to troubleshoot the problem too. Check seals and bearings of pipe because when the seal or bearings are broken then the expected water flow will less to washing machine. Second check the fitting of valves or hose faucets because if the fitting is not tight enough it can cause water leakage. Third look for worn or leaky hoses, it can also cause water leakage.

Why Repair Service Bangalore for Panasonic Washing Machine Repair?


Repair service Bangalore is very convenient to anyone. Whenever a customer contacts our customer care for Panasonic washing machine repair or refrigerator service in Bangalore, we will take their name and address and ask them - when we should come to their house to repair their appliances. As per the customer’s convenient time, our technician will arrive on time, at their address with all tools to repair their appliance.

Professional and Certified

Our Panasonic washing machine technicians in Bangalore are certified and they have experience of more than 5 years.  Our technicians in Bangalore are well-known among customers and they are customer- friendly. We are specialized in Washing machine Repairing, any Model, and Any Brand. We have total 12 years of experience in Bangalore and hundreds of washing machine technician.

Quality Service

We provide Panasonic genuine parts for washing machine service as well as 90 days of service warranty, within this 90 days anything goes wrong will be repaired free of service cost.  We are in the field of washing machine repair service and refrigerator service in Bangalore from last 12 years. No one can last such a long time in a market without providing quality service and mostly requires customer’s support and positive feedback. Our quality of service is well-known in Bangalore market, so don’t hesitate- contact us and experience our quality service.

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